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    TWITTER PARTY Rules: Girl in 6E party

    Good evening!!! In preparation for tonight’s Twitter party, I just wanted to explain how a Twitter party works, to keep everything rolling smoothly during the event.

    1. Open up my twitter page: http://www.twitter.com/ReadAlessandra/┬áThis will be your home during the party. Settle into the page and get ready. First, be sure to hit the ‘Follow’ button. Then, find the ‘refresh’ button, it will be your best friend. Once the party starts, hit refresh every couple of minutes. Normally there will be a schedule, for example, in tonight’s party, I will be posting a new giveaway every 10 minutes.

    2. EVERY TIME you post a comment or response during the party, use the hashtag. Tonight’s hashtag is #Girlin6E. A good idea is to copy the hashtag, so all you need to do is ‘paste’ it into every post. The hashtag is how I will find your entry, so you have to use it!

    3. There will be a few types of contests during the night. Some will be time-specific, like a trivia question, or a ‘first person to do X’ type challenge. The time-specific questions require speed to win. Other contests, like retweet contests, there is no rush for. Just retweet them sometime during the party.

    4. Learn the favorite and retweet buttons. Those are the heart and square arrowed icons. If you see the hashtag #PleaseRT during the party, retweet the post to enter to win! There will be 10 winners chosen from the #PleaseRT posts. Favorite any and all posts to help give them exposure.

    Some winners will be announced during the party, others will be posted tomorrow. If you are a winner, please be patient, I will contact you within 24 hours to arrange for prize delivery. Good luck, I hope you enjoy the party!