I am SO excited to announce that I am working with to write and publish an erotic serial! This will be an ongoing story that will unfold three times a week on their website. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I will post a mini-chapter at a time. Think of it as your coffee break orgasm!

The best news? It JUST WENT LIVE! Click here to read the first post. More content will hit the site on Wednesday, and also on Friday!

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Do I need a subscription to the Cosmopolitan magazine?
— Nope. And you don’t need to register. This is a completely FREE experience.

What IS it?
— The Bedroom Blog is an online fictional blog, with journal-style entries posting three times a week. It will be the story of Chloe Madison – a 22-year-old New Yorker who is trying to sort out her life after it is turned upside down.
It will be a story unfolding in real-time – Chloe will celebrate holidays, current events, etc at the same time that we do. She will share all of the delicious secrets of her personal and love life. It will be a really fun and sexy read – perfect to divulge in while you are on the subway, waiting in line, or grabbing a coffee break at work.

How long will it run?
— At least six months, most likely a year. Then I will sit down with Cosmo and we will decide whether to continue. Either way, the story will have a conclusion – you won’t be left hanging.

How do I read it?
— Simply go to the Cosmopolitan website and look for the ‘Bedroom Blog’ section! New posts will arrive every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at roughly 9am. If you want a bigger glimpse, you can also follow @BedroomBlog on Twitter to see daily tweets from Chloe.

What’s your involvement?
— I’m the author of the Bedroom Blog, and I also handle the @BedroomBlog twitter account. I have a Cosmo editor that I work with on each of the blog posts, and their team handles the physical posting to the website and marketing. There has been a Bedroom Blog in the past that was very successful, but that author left Cosmo in 2013, so it has not been an active feature since then.
Note: if you search ‘bedroom blog’ on the Cosmo website, you’ll see the old posts. Don’t do that, it’s confusing. Just wait and use the links in this email. *hugs*

I’m excited for you to read this! I think it will be a great thing to bridge the time in between my book releases, I know I am really excited for this new opportunity.

With love,



Goodreads NEWS

Guess what? This girl went and got herself a Goodreads group. *patting back enthusiastically*

If you’re not already on Goodreads, it is THE Facebook of the online reading community. Everything is focused on books, you can create reading lists, leave reviews, recommend books to friends and chat with your favorite authors.

And now, finally, I’m exploring it the way that I should have, back in 2012. But I’m a little slow, so bear with me. Thankfully, my Goodreads’ hand is being held by SueBee, a Goodreads icon and Top Reviewer, who knows everything there is to know about this site and has been invaluable in helping me.

To properly launch this group, we are having THIRTY DAYS of giveaways! Over 50 winners will walk away with gift cards, signed books, and other great prizes! Don’t miss out! Come and join the fun here! Even if you’re new to Goodreads, this is a great opportunity to dive in and meet some new friends!

Join the group here –>